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We are an International Adult Night School.  Our goal is to assist the refugee community to gain English skills needed to succeed in the American culture.


Serving 21 nations so far, The Adult Literacy Program has been in existence since the fall of 2005.  We have had over 3,000 students register with us and continue on in local jobs, colleges or technical schools.  Our volunteer staff is dedicated to the success of their students.  Many of the teachers come from multi-ethic backgrounds, are multi-lingual and many have years of overseas experience.  Most of the teachers have a BA, MA, Doctorate, TESOL certificate, or are working as an assistant and are volunteer college students, working on their degrees.

This past year we conducted a pre-literacy class, a specialized reading class, two beginner levels, two intermediate levels and one advanced level class. Child care was provided  as a service to our adult students with the goal of also helping the children with academic needs.  No children under 18 are accepted in the regular adult classes. 

Special activities such as a Harvest Festival, a December Field trip, a spring picnic, American holiday celebrations, and a May conversation class enhance the learning techniques of the school.  If enough interest is shown, and a teacher available, citizenship and computer classes have been offered.

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