Welcome to your great opportunity!

We specialize in pre-literacy, beginner, intermediate and advanced English classes.  Each student is tested when he/she registers and is in placed in one of our classes as his/her level indicates.

An assessment test will be given at the close of the course for promotion to the next level. Promotion is not granted without sufficient progress indicated. Also excessive absence will be noted and credit will only be given
for participation.

Private lessons for high-advanced or specialized English may be arranged through the director for a low fee.


Registration must be done in person. Please arrive at 6:00pm and notify the registrar at the entry that you are a new student. Returning students will not be tested unless they have been gone for more than a semester. New students will be tested in four skills: understanding, reading, speaking and writing.


 Activities of  Our Students and Teachers         



             Learning about  each other's culture and the American Culture

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