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My life has been enriched by building relationships with people from all over the world.  The students reflect a kaleidoscope of cultural backgrounds and life experiences.  It is personally rewarding to know that my small investment of time provides these people with knowledge and skills they will use the rest of their lives.

- Steve Clark, teacher

This class is helping me to adjust to America - it will help me have a better future.

student from South America

I love English - I love this class - I love my teacher.

student from the Middle East

My teacher is my friend, I feel like she is family.  I know she really cares about me learning English.  I love our outside activities and when she comes to my home and practices English with me.  We even had a Women's English club in the summer when classes weren't being held - that was really good!

- student from Afghanistan

I have learned so much and am doing so much better in English since I have been here. I was a teacher in my country. 

- student from Mynamar

I am learning so much about American Culture and English! I wish we didn't have a summer break!

- student from Vietnam


                                                             Our teachers are experienced in working with peoples of many cultures.

English for the World

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